I love junk food. Big Macs, Reese’s Cups, potato chips, Dove Bars, need I write more? These are just a few of my favorite things. News flash, eating them or any of my many other gastronomic vices distract me from keeping healthy. Their flavors trick the pallet into a false sense of benefit. How can something that tastes so good be bad for me?

Have you noticed the junk food for the soul that is available? Offerings that promise to feed the spirit, but leave feelings of emptiness, loneliness and remorse. I know them well because they were my steady diet for years. Yep, three squares a day (or more) of empty spiritual calories. A relentless pursuit of financial success, the approval of others, addiction, accumulation, these fed the appetite of this spiritual anorexic. It wasn’t until my eating habits improved that my spirit changed.

Consumption of the wrong spiritual delights can harm even the strongest in faith among us. Whether they are packaged to look “Christian” or promoted as the occasional treat, their affects can be spiritually deadening. Imagine what might happen if a highly trained Olympic marathoner stopped at mile thirteen to down five Snickers Bars. Her body would likely go into shock. If the church is to be fit for its journey she must enjoy large portions from the Lord’s menu and avoid the spiritual junk food. A doctor once advised  me, “You can out eat your exercise.” In other words, it does not matter how much you work out if your caloric intake is more than what you burn during a workout. The weight still increases. Likewise, a Christian can go to church every week, read the Word routinely and pray often, but the spiritual benefits can be offset when junk food for the soul is included.

Summer is prime time for taking a vacation from our spiritual disciplines. Travel, holidays and the invitation of sandy beaches under a hot sun can distract us from keeping spiritually healthy. Let me encourage moderation. The Lord wants us to find joy from His vast creation. Our greatest joy is in Him, the Hope of salvation.

Every blessing,
Pastor Grueser