Several of you were sick last month and it registered on our attendance records. Thankfully, most are back. February 2013, was twenty-eight days of coughs, aches, pains and sniffles. Let’s pray March delivers us from the evil cold and flu season. No one likes to be unhealthy. The body has several ways it tells us when things are not right. We do not usually need a doctor to tell us we are sick. Our hope is he tells us how to get better.

Scripture describes the church as the Body and like physical bodies display signs of sickness, so does the Body of Christ, the church. Furthermore, there are distinct indicators of a healthy church. Three of them include; a strong immune system, development, and reproduction. This article is dedicated to the first one with April and May to the others.

Sickness is indicative of a compromised immune system. Health food and drug stores offer an ever-expanding variety of supplements and concoctions designed to boost the immune system. This system is a complex network of biological structures and processes that protects the body against disease. When it works, the body resists viral and parasitic agents with the power to sicken their host. When the immune system is compromised, illness is virtually guaranteed.

The church’s immune system is just that, a system or better a systemic approach to defending itself against illness. It is not made up of one person or delegated only to church leaders to fend off forces purposed to harm the Body. Neither is practicing one or two spiritual disciplines adequate for the task. The church must take a holistic approach if she is to have a strong immune system. This means every member is dedicated to applying the whole counsel of God to their lives. Only when the church operates by biblical truth will it experience the strength and vitality King Jesus intends. It cannot feast a steady diet of spiritual jelly donuts and not expect to become unhealthy.

Psalm 34:8, reads, “Taste and see that the Lord is good; . . . .” Brothers and Sisters, we are to consume all that God offers to “be of sober spirit and alert” (1 Peter 5:8). Each of us is an integral part of the Body’s immune system. This month we celebrate the Lord’s resurrection. What is more appropriate for commemorating His risen body than all of us committing to protecting His Body?

Every Blessing,