It seems to me that last winter was the harshest in years. The unrelenting snow fall and cold took their toll on all of us. They also stressed our church’s budget. The increased costs of heat and snow removal were considerable. The weather also affected attendance and when members stay away their contributions usually do too. In a few words, during the first three months of 2014 expenses were up and giving was down. This trend typically reverses by May and I hope it will this year. Please remember that the tithes and offerings of every member are important for advancing kingdom work through PBC.

Since I’m on the topic of church finances, let me bring you up to date on another matter. We currently have an outstanding renovation loan of approximately $42,000.00. Additionally, the Property and Space Team has determined that most of our current sound system needs replaced. With these and other items we should address the trustees recommend we launch a capital funds campaign to raise $50,000.00 over the next four years. Eliminating the debt is our first priority. This will require an additional $260.00 per week giving to the fund. If 26 of us give just $10.00 more a week, we can reach our goal in 48 months. Those who were present at the recent business meeting approved this campaign. Special envelopes will be provided for this fund. Be sure to make contributions to satisfy the debt above your regular tithes and offerings.

A second important vote at the meeting was to set aside 2% of non-designated income to a savings account. This account is for replacements, repairs and improvements to our buildings and property. The purpose is to avoid future loans like the ones we currently service. The 2% will be moved from the 3.5% we now send to our association. We plan to incrementally raise that percentage once a “cushion” is saved.

Our trustees, church council, and financial secretary work tirelessly to make the best use of church funds. The financial records are an open book. Quarterly business meetings don’t sound exciting or spiritually engaging but, they are essential to being worthy stewards of God’s blessings. May I encourage you to join the process?

These savings and debt reduction strategies will enable the church to place itself in a healthy financial position. Pray about how you can help make them happen.

Now, the More part . . . . Our discipleship ministry has moved to the summer schedule. Pastor Bruce or I will facilitate a Bible study each Wednesday at 7:00 pm. The home group will continue to meet at the Furay’s, 529 Bellaire Ave in Brookline, at the same time. We have a considerable amount of special event activity this summer so, watch the church calendar for schedule changes regarding campus gatherings. The bi-weekly Monday prayer meeting will continue at 6:00 pm through the summer too.


Every blessing,

Pastor Kim