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July Newsletter – The Other VBS

On June 30th, 2011, posted in: Newsletter by 0 Comment

You likely know that VBS is an acronym for Vacation Bible School, but I’d like you to think about VBS another way. As I watched our 60 + volunteers labor, laugh, learn, love and sometimes long for the end of this year’s event, the significance of their contributions for our strength as a church was..

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June Newsletter – Jesus on Facebook

On June 1st, 2011, posted in: Newsletter by 0 Comment

What would Jesus’ Facebook page look like if He had one? Would His profile include Christian, Jew or both for the Religion category? Would there be a note on the Rapture under, Messages? Do you think the Good News would pop up every time someone clicked on Top News? The speculation is endless. As far..

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May Newsletter – Road Repair: A Time for Missions

On May 1st, 2011, posted in: Newsletter by 0 Comment

It’s said that Pittsburgh has four seasons; almost winter, winter, more winter and road repair. After surviving our fourth winter upon returning to Pennsylvania from 25 years of living in southern states, I think this description of the seasons cycle is pretty accurate. The final months of winter seemed long this year. When I looked..

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April Newsletter – The Pillar

On March 31st, 2011, posted in: Newsletter by 0 Comment

Standing in one part of our church’s fellowship hall is a single circular pillar. There are five more, but this one looks out of place. The others are all similar in size and symmetrically spaced apart. They are clearly there to support the sanctuary floor above. Curious about the lone poll, I asked one of..

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March Newsletter – Growing Pains

On March 24th, 2011, posted in: Newsletter by 0 Comment

Last August 31, PBC Trustees signed a contract with Standard Bank for a $34,000.00 loan taken against a deposit by a church member equal to that amount. The loan was taken to satisfy unanticipated expenses related to Phase One of our renovation. The drainage for the parking lot was the biggest factor but, not the..

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February Newsletter – Living in Community

On March 1st, 2011, posted in: Newsletter by 0 Comment

Preparing for small group, I read again a verse that challenges me. Philippians 3:10, Paul proclaims, “That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death.” I’m challenged because Paul seems to teach that in order to really know Christ he must experience..

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