Small Groups

2016 Winter Discipleship Series

Our Winter Discipleship Series offers many opportunities to grow in your faith. This series will begin on February 3rd. Nursery and child care will be provided. Sign up sheets are in the foyer.

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Newcomer’s Class
  • This class meets at 9:30 a.m.
The Friends of Jesus
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  • A monthly class for women
  • Email for more information, including time & location:

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Wednesday, 7:00 p.m.
Walking with God In the Desert: A Study of God’s Provision In Your Wilderness
  • A discussion of how God provided for Israel during the Exodus and His provision for us today.
  • Leader: Pastor Kim Grueser
  • This class is for adults and co-ed.
Romans 1-7 for You
  • Teachings from the book “Romans 1-7 for You” by Tim Keller.
  • Leader: Doreen Weiss
  • This class is for adult women.
Young Adult Bible Study
  • Teachings from Galatians.
  • Leader: Robert Goforth
  • This class is for young adults and co-ed.
Youth Bible Study
  • Teachings from the book of James.
  • Leader: Kelli Richmond
  • This class is for youth and co-ed.

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Growing Deeper Groups

Growing Deeper Groups are gatherings to talk about what has been shared in the Sunday Sermon

  • Email for more information:
  • Meeting Information: Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.